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SavWay follows both the trendy and timeless in beer favorites. We are especially proud of our craft beer selection as it continues to expand under staff and customer recommendations.                         

Look for These Exciting New Breweries at SavWay!

Art History Brewing

With their taproom just across the street from our Geneva location, we’ve been waiting quite some time for Art History to finally have their production brewery up and running! Their founder Tom always had a love for continental beer styles, even to the point of going to Munich to train at the Siebel Institute. Now he has brought that knowledge back to Geneva to produce his bevvy of both classic and obscure European beer styles. A must try for fans of Dovetail and Metropolitan!

Alter Brewing Co.

Alter’s founders came from a variety of backgrounds without much in common except for their love of beer. They quickly made a name for themselves and their Downers Grove taproom with their hazy IPAs and have now expanded to canning their delicious beer. Look for their St. Charles brewpub coming soon!

Dovetail Brewery


Dovetail’s founders met in Munich at the Doemens Institute while studying for their Master Brewer Certifications.  After becoming fast friends, they brought their love for traditional, high-quality brewing methods back to their hometown of Chicago.  While they love to experiment as much as any other American brewer, their bread and butter is excellent examples of classic styles like Helles and Hefeweizen.

Old Irving Brewing Co.


Old Irving was started in 2016 just so the guys could have a brewpub in Irving Park to hang out in.  But demand quickly grew and now they are canning their modernist takes on classic styles.



AVAL means Apple in Breton, the traditional language in Bretagne, a French region that’s made cider for more than 1,000 years.

AVAL cider combines four types of apples picked exclusively in the region, giving it a crisp and citrusy taste, a delightful balance of subtle sweetness and refreshing bitterness.  A great French cider that is both affordable and packaged in cans.