With thousands of beers, wines and liquors in stock SavWay is THE source for all your beverage needs.

We have some of the friendliest staff in the business, ready to help you select the perfect wine for an intimate to large-scale event.

We have a great selections of rare fine wines, all cellared in a temperature-controlled environment.



SavWay follows both the trendy and timeless in beer favorites. We are especially proud of our craft beer selection as it continues to expand under staff and customer recommendations.


SavWay prides itself on a remarkable wine selection for a small family business. Find on our shelves what you can find at the Big Boxes and don’t hesitate to ask us to walk you to it. If you can’t find your desired label, ask a staff member to order it. SavWay offers the full gamut of domestic and international wines. We strive to deliver competitive pricing with accommodating staff.


SavWay offers everything from the Louis XIII to DeKuyper’s newest. And again, what we don’t offer, we will order. Our liquor department may not house as many shelves as the Big Boxes, but we take special pride in the gems it holds. Pay attention to our Single Malt Scotch and Bourbon selections.  

Celebrate Summer with Pre-Made Cocktails!
  Perfect for concerts, boat outings, or anywhere else where it's a pain to mix your own cocktails, Chicago Distilling has got you covered with their line of pre-made cocktails.  Try any of these three cocktails available now for $14.99.
    A Chicago take on the classic Moscow Mule, this contains everything you would expect it to: Ginger Beer, Lime, and Chicago Distillings Ceres Vodka, made from 100% Illinois Yellow Dent Corn.
    A Mule for whiskey lovers, Highballs were popular long before Moscow Mules ever were.  Chicago Distilling starts with their Blind Tiger Rye and packages it with quality ginger ale.  Perfectly balanced, it has a sharp ginger taste with strong, but not overpowering, rye whiskey overtones throughout. 
    A carbonated take on an ideal summer sipper, Greyhound is light and refreshing.  Chicago Distilling's own Ceres corn vodka is combined with grapefruit juice and carbonated.  Perfect if you like grapefruit radlers, but hate the calories from beer.