Gin Season Is Upon Us!
          Nothing says summer like gin, and since it has finally stopped snowing it is time to dust off that cocktail shaker.  Whether you like simple Gin and Tonic's, or prefer to get creative with Fizz's and Vespers, these gins will be help you welcome back the sun.
Sipsmith London Dry  

Hendrick's Gin

$32.99  $27.98   750: $31.99  $29.98
The first London Dry Gin to actually be made in London since 1820, Sipsmith is taking Gin back to its roots by using traditional copper pot stills and a recipe straight from the 18th Century.   Hendricks has long been the bar for high quality Gins, and its inclusion of Hungarian roses and fresh cucumbers make it perfect for summer sipping.

Few Gin


Monkey 47

$39.99 $34.98   375: $39.99

Straight out of Chicago, Few’s American Gin is a hometown favorite which uses Few’s unaged bourbon as a base instead of vodka.

  Germany’s Black Forest might be better known for their fruit brandies, but now they have turned their expertise to Gin! Infused with 47 different botanicals, Monkey 47 is one of the most acclaimed Gins in the world.
Tanqueray Gin   Bombay Sapphire Gin
1.75: $33.99   1.75: $36.99  $32.98
A straightforward mix of juniper, coriander, angelica root, and licorice makes for complexity through simplicity.  Perfectly balanced to highlight and support the juniper, Tanqueray is Gin personified.   Bombay Sapphire is one of the most popular Gins in the world for a reason, and its smooth and delicately perfumed character makes great martinis and G&T’s.