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Give Whiskey This Valentine's Day!
Wine and chocolate is passé, so this Valentine's Day give your partner some whiskey to pair with all that chocolate! The warming nature of good whiskies complements the creamy texture of high quality chocolate.
Dark Chocolate
  Dark chocolate’s intense flavor pairs best with heavy whiskies that can balance it.  Dark chocolate can add a whole new dimension to peated whiskeys such as Lagavulin 16 ($89.99) or Ardbeg 10 ($56.99 $49.98).  A sherry finished Islay such as Bowmore's Darkest ($72.99) introduces flavors of dark fruits and berries into the chocolate.  On the bourbon side, try a sweet, full bodied bourbon such as Woodford Double Oaked ($59.99) to balance the dark chocolate's bitter edge.
Milk Chocolate
Milk chocolate does exceptionally well with spicier, high rye whiskies such as WhistlePig 10 ($79.99) and Belle Meade ($39.99). The caramel undertones of Speysides like Glenlivet Cognac Cask ($54.99) and Glenfiddich Bourbon Cask ($49.99) also do well with the milder chocolates.
White Chocolate
  The high fat content of white chocolate increases the complexity of high proof whiskies by reducing the burn without dulling or overriding the flavors.  Try it with  cask strength bourbon such as Bardstown Discovery ($129.99) or our own Maker’s Mark Private Select ($69.99) to accentuate their intense complexity.  White chocolate’s mildness also makes it an excellent match for the softer styles of Irish whiskeys or Lowland scotches.  Try it with Redbreast Cask Strength ($69.99) or Auchentoshan 12 ($44.99).
Chocolate Caramels
For chocolate caramels look no further than maritime whiskeys.  Their flavors are reminiscent of the seaside, which transforms the chocolate caramel into a salted caramel.  Consider Talisker Storm ($59.99) or Jefferson’s Ocean ($79.99).  
Chocolate with Nuts
  Almonds work very well with the orchard fruit notes found in Oban 14 ($79.99) and Dalwhinnie 15 ($99.99), while hazelnuts add creaminess to sherried scotches such as Macallan 12 ($69.99) or Glendronach 12 ($59.99). Meanwhile pecans complement the oak forward bourbons of Elijah Craig ($32.99) and Noah's Mill ($47.99).
See you in the store!