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Come looking for your favorite spirit of today and future favorite of tomorrow, as we should offer both. We aim to be competitive in the everyday Spirits that define our television and radio ads while simultaneously carrying a high-end and collectible selection of bourbons and single malt scotches that is small yet significant. Pappy Van Winkle indeed resides in this house.

New and Exciting Suggestions

From Spirits’ Director, Ed Nielsen,

Rabbit Hole Bourbon

Started by old industry hands looking to do something different, Rabbit Hole Bourbon uses a unique four grain blend: 70 percent corn, 10 percent malted wheat, 10 percent malted barley, and 10 percent honey malt. The honey malt is a lightly caramelized barley malt usually found in craft beer and in Rabbit Hole it lends a sweetness and complexity far above its age. Smooth enough to sip, and strong enough to shine through in any cocktail. $49.99 everyday, $47.98 on sale

Whiskey Acres

Whiskey Acres is a one of a kind seed-to-spirit distillery. All the corn, barley, rye, and other assorted grains are specifically selected for and grown on the Whiskey Acres’ farms in Dekalb, IL. The bourbon uses wheat as its secondary grain for a softer touch, while the rye is 75% rye for extra kick. The whiskeys are great for sipping because they are so “grain forward” on the finish. $42.99 everyday for the bourbon; $44.99 everyday for the rye

Copper Dog

Copper Dog is named for the piece of tubing that rickhouse workers would dip into the oldest and best barrels….right before putting it down their pant leg to sneak home. A blended malt scotch, it doesn’t contain any cheap grain whiskey, instead pulling from some of the finest single malts in Speyside. It tastes of orchard fruits and honey, with just the right amount of burn. At $29.99 it is, quite literally, a steal. $29.99 everyday

Denizen 8 year

Denizen Merchants Reserve is a blended rum sourced from aged Jamaican rums. The molasses-based rums bring a stronger flavor than sugar cane rums, and are perfect for cocktails. $27.99 The Reserve everyday; $16.99 The White everyday

Lacuesta Vermut Rojo

In Spain vermouth has undergone a revolution. Bodegas have popped up all over Madrid and other major cities, which serve nothing but Vermouth on tap. Spain has created a unique style for their vermouths, a lighter version of the Italian sweet style. The Spanish “vermut” is smooth enough to drink straight, but it especially shines when used in conjunction with a high quality whiskey. $16.99 everyday

Season Specials

Belvedere .750s on sale for $20.98

Bulleit Bourbon .750s on sale for $27.98

Early Times Whiskey 1.75s on sale for $16.98

Maker's Mark .750s on sale for $24.98

Woodford Reserve Bourbon .750s on sale for $32.98

Jameson .750s on sale for $20.98

Jameson Caskmates Stout .750s on sale for $25.98

Jameson Caskmates IPA .750s on sale for $25.98

Camarena Reposado and Silver Tequila .750s on sale for $15.98