SavWay follows both the trendy and timeless in beer favorites. We are especially proud of our craft beer selection as it continues to expand under staff and customer recommendations.


SavWay prides itself on a remarkable wine selection for a small family business. Find on our shelves what you can find at the Big Boxes and don’t hesitate to ask us to walk you to it. If you can’t find your desired label, ask a staff member to order it. SavWay offers the full gamut of domestic and international wines. We strive to deliver competitive pricing with accommodating staff.


SavWay offers everything from the Louis XIII to DeKuyper’s newest. And again, what we don’t offer, we will order. Our liquor department may not house as many shelves as the Big Boxes, but we take special pride in the gems it holds. Pay attention to our Single Malt Scotch and Bourbon selections.  

Come Try These Summer Beers
Bell's Oberon  

Short's Soft Parade

6pk:  $9.29

12pk: $16.99

  6pk:  $10.99
A Midwest Classic, when this smooth wheat beer hits the shelves, you know summer is officially here.   This rye beer is packed with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries.  It's everything you love about summer in one bottle.

Allagash White


Pollyanna Summerly

4pk:  $9.49   4pk:  $9.49
An American take on the Belgian Wit beer, Allagash White is brewed with Coriander and Orange Peel, so it is both light and complex.   Straight out of Lemont, IL, Pollyanna brings in the sunshine with three different types of wheat and hundreds of pounds of fresh raspberries.
Revolution Sun Crusher   Off Color Tooth and Claw
6pk:  $9.99   6pk:  $9.99
Flaked oats help lend a creamy mouthfeel to Sun Crusher, while its mix of Apollo, Amarillo and Mosaic hops bring the sunshine and citrus.    Clean, crisp, and with a substantial noble hop bite.  There is nothing better to drink on a hot summer day than a classic Pilsner, fresh from Chicago.
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